Walking Poetry

Walking Poems

Adria Arch, artist and Jessie Brown, poet

2020, printed signs, poetry

The Walking Poetry Project is a collaboration between Arlington residents Adria Arch, visual artist, and Jessie Brown, poet. This installation is designed to encourage passersby to slow down and take in each poem by walking past — or even among — the placards. The physical act of walking and reading invites a different experience of poetry, one that engages not only the mind but the body. The reverse sides of the placards evoke the subject or mood of the poem. 

The artists' use of the humble lawn sign is a sly poke at consumerism. For when did we ever see a lawn sign without an advertisement? And what could our world be like if all the signs featured poems, not advertisements?

Adria Arch lives and works in Arlington and is a commissioner for ACAC. Jessie Brown is a poet who lives in Arlington.


by Jessie Brown


Are you tongue-tied then, 

And have you

nothing to give thanks for?

Look. Listen with 

your whole pulse, with

each cell you’ve forgotten.

Notice the rabbit in the field. Sun;

blue sky. Blades

of timothy, and cold

sweet clover.

The hawk’s shadow sliding 

over the grass, and gone.

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