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Arlington Community Media

ACMi provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas which reflect the talents, skills, interests, concerns, and diversity of the Arlington community. ACMi News covers all the stories and current events of interest to the Arlington community. Its Public Affairs programs cover the town’s governance, schools, politics, and issues of the day. ACMi trains teens and adults who want to learn production skills, join a crew, and/or make their own TV shows, and ACMi Sports covers a broad cross-section of the high school sports scene in Arlington, both live and through re-airings.

85 Park Ave

Cultural District
Arlington International Film Festival

The festival focuses on cultural awareness and understanding through narrative and documentary features, shorts, and submissions by local and international high school students. Special festival screenings include provocative conversations with filmmakers, producers, academics, and the business community.

204 Mass Ave

Cultural District
Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre, a Classical Revival-style building, was constructed in 1925 and combined movies and occasional vaudeville shows. When it was subsequently converted to a 6-screen multiplex, many of its early twentieth-century details were preserved.

204 Massachusetts Ave

Cultural District
Regent Theatre

A 400 + seat historic Theatre, The Regent has great sightlines, is easily accessible by public transportation, and is located in the heart of Arlington Center with plenty of parking across the street in the municipal lot. Suitable for theatre, music, dance film, and more! Built in 1916, the historic Regent Theatre remains true to its roots as a vibrant vaudeville house. An intimate 500-seat performing arts center with superior acoustics and comfortable seating, "Arlington's Show Place of Entertainment" features film specials as well as music concerts, theatre, dance events, and family entertainment.

7 Medford Street

Cultural District