Plastic Bag Store: The Film

FREE Festive Film Screening Celebrates Public Art & Plastic Activism

Film by Robin Frohardt, with original score by Freddi Price. Executive Produced by Pomegranate Arts.

Robin Frohardt’s Plastic Bag Store was an astonishing grocery market installed in a storefront in Times Square, NY — astonishing because everything in it was meticulously made of plastic bags, to call attention to the pervasiveness of single use packaging.  Visitors stepped through the doors to the frozen food cooler to discover an intimate theater with a whimsical puppet show that revealed another aspect of throw-away plastic: it lasts forever.
Now the puppet show has been captured in a lyrical film, following a plastic bottle into a dystopian future “after the robot wars,” where it is carefully uncovered and exhibited as a trace of a vanished civilization.  With Arlington considering a ban on bottled water, and Michelle Lougee’s community art project Persistence scheduled to come down in June, Arlington’s EcoWeek offered the perfect opportunity to bring Frohardt’s film to Arlington.
This event is scheduled for May 10, 7pm at the Regent, or Available to Stream at Home. Following the film there will be a virtual Q& A with Robin Frohardt and Michelle Lougee on art, activism, and plastic. For more information about EcoWeek and the many events planned — fix-it clinics and clothing swaps, park clean-ups and a biodiversity summit, choral music and window painting — to strengthen and celebrate sustainability and the environment, see the full schedule.