Featured Artist Randy Herman

Randy Herman 

Randy Herman has been a sculptor for more than 40 years, with commissions in collections in the US, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Randy Herman is a member of ArtLinks Arlington, the networking organization for artists in Arlington and surrounding communities.

Randy Herman, Sculptor and Novelist


I have been a sculptor for more than 40 years creating with marble, wood, bronze, metal, clay, plaster/cement, on and with paper.  I work in the abstract, making my mark with materials and giving existence to visual ideas that I discover around me.


As a professional artist, I have shown as a solo artist and in group shows in New York City, Milan, Tokyo and have commissions in collections in the US, Italy, Germany, Japan. I have taught art and run programs at the Hudson River Museum (NY), Dalton School (NY) and The American School of Milan (Italy).


During the past few years I have channeled part of my creative energy into writing short stories, novellas, and novels. I recently published a young adult novel called The Real Estate Kid. (Available on Amazon.com). This is the first in a series of adventure novels called The Enterprise Gang about a group of teens who are out to change the world and the adventures, villains, and challenges they encounter while doing so.


Marble, Portugal

Container #6 Plaster and Rusted Metal

Plaster and rusted metal

Bronze - Outdoor Commission in Long Island, NY

Organic Stone Sculpture #10

Limestone - Public Art Project, Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

The Real Estate Kid - YA Novel

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