Enjoy these sample videos made by our artists, Kari Percival and Sara Peattie, and by the talented local producers of the Ottoson School Green Team!  How are these videos similar?  How are they different?

Howdy Neighbor!

This video by Kari Percival and her son Ulysses is a great example of how you can make a movie in your backyard.  They watched the videos with Diane Welch together, talked about some of the special qualities of foxes and owls and some of the dangers our animal neighbors, and wrote this story.  Ulysses invented a new character: the human with a chainsaw who wants to cut down a tree because it blocks his view!  What do you think the message of their movie is?

Some things to think about:

  • How did they make their titles?
  • How did they attach sticks to their paper puppets, and how did they move their puppets?
  • How did they use voices to show which character is speaking?

The Treasure Map

This video by Sara Peattie is actually 3 short videos put together.  You can make just one part of a story.  Sara used a cardboard tiny theater to create an invented world for her characters.  If you use a tiny theater, your Fox and Owl can go anywhere!

Some things to think about:

  • How did Sara make her credits?
  • Where do Fox and Owl go?
  • What starts off their adventure?
  • How can you tell who is talking?

Green Team PSA

Enjoy this awesome video by young activists in the Arlington Public Schools Green Teams, an afterschool club for students interested in environmental issues. It will tell you everything you need about participating in the Epic Adventures of Fox and Owl and our Tiny Film & Photo Festival.  And you’ll learn something about local wildlife and the environment!

Special thanks to their mentor Rachel Oliveri, the Green Team Coordinator, for getting them involved!


Enjoy these videos made by your friends and neighbors, from Arlington to Australia!  Send in your video and we’ll post it here.  Attach it to an email and send to or send it using WeTransfer (free service and you don’t have to register).

Watching for Owl

Enjoy a video made by Arlington’s master puppeteer Margaret Moody.  Her restless characters almost miss Owl – don’t blink, or you will too!

Fox and Owl with a Peony

Enjoy a whimsical, lyrical film made by Coco Berkman and her daughter Jess Semeraro; they used Coco’s sensitive handmade sculptural Fox puppet and a new handmade owl puppet of their own instead of our paper puppets.  You can do this too, make your own Fox and Owl!  Many thanks to Marc Gurton and 13FOREST GALLERY for inviting Coco – who exhibit in his gallery – to participate in the Epic Adventures of Fox and Owl!

What is a Climate Rally?

Find out in this video made by Ottoson Green Team member Emily Wang and join the environmental movemnet to save the planet!  Notice that Emily made her video using simple pencil drawings as her animation.  She did not use our paper Fox and Owl Puppets – she drew her own.  You can do this too!

Fox and Owl: Jelly Sea

Made by a collaborative team of community producers at ACMi.

Fox and Owl: The Magic Book

Made by a collaborative team of community producers at ACMi.

Fox and Owl: Hungry

Made by a collaborative team of community producers at ACMi.

Fox and Owl in Australia

Made by David and Fran Curtis and their grandaughter.