Take a photo of Fox and Owl around your house, in your backyard, or wherever you are!
What do you like to take photos of? You and your friends hanging out? A birthday party or picnic? A family trip? Take a photo of Fox and Owl as they enjoy the day! LANDSCAPE (horizontal) format is best. Compose and crop your photos so they look their best!

In a boat

Cecily Miller – one of our project organizers – folded a paper boat, set up a blue silk scarf to stand for the ocean, and took Fox and Owl for a sail.

With a birdhouse

Amanda Troha – the Fox Branch Librarian – took Fox and Owl to see one of her favorite sculptures, a giant birdhouse by artist Christopher Frost.

At Spy Pond

If it’s a beautiful day, maybe Fox and Owl would like to go outside.

Meeting a horse

Maybe Fox and Owl would like to meet someone new?  Introduce them to some of your toys or collections.


Send us an email with your best photos of Fox and Owl: FoxandOwlArlington@gmail.com and they will become a part of the FOX & OWL TINY FILM & PHOTO FESTIVAL later this Fall.
Please submit no more than 4 photos per person.
Include your name (as you would like it to appear in our credits) and, if you like, a title.
If you are a student, include your school name.
Send your photos as soon as they are ready, but no later than August 31, 2020.THANK YOU!


The first step of this project is to ask a grown-up to help you download the art, print it on your computer, and then cut out your Fox and Owl puppets.

You can also make additional characters from your own imagination if you want, or use toys or other objects.


Make your Fox and Owl Unique!
• Decorate Fox and Owl with makers, colored pencils, tissue paper or collage.
• If the paper is too floppy, make your puppets stiffer by gluing them to light cardboard – like a cereal box – and cutting that out too.
• Tape your paper puppets onto a pencil or stick.