Make a short video about Fox and Owl!

Tell a very short story or share a moment with Fox and Owl.  If you look at the videos in our showcase you can see that people have made very different videos.  Kari Percival and her 7-year old son Ulysses made one where Fox helps Owl save the tree where her baby lives; this was inspired by watching the videos with Animal Control Officer Diane Welch and hearing about some of the dangers owls face.  Two videos made by a group of ACMI community producers capture imaginary worlds of fantasy; in one Fox saves Owl from drowning in a sticky jelly sea and in another Fox and Owl jump into a magic book.
Emily Wang, an Ottoson School Green Team activist made a “stop motion” video about Fox and Owl deciding to go a climate rally using pencil drawings, and our friends David and Fran Curtis in Australia made a video in their garden with their grandaughter, about a game of hide and seek.
Arlington Puppeteer Margaret Moody made a with her own puppet characters, and Owl makes a surprise appearance at the end.  Artist Coco Berkman made one with her own fox and owl puppets, and the only thing that happens is Fox dances with a beautiful peony.
See if you can find all these videos and more in our showcase.
As you can see, you can tell a story about real life or fantasy. You can involve your family to help write your story or provide voices for your characters.  You can use things from your own home or make up your own puppets.  And you can make a complicated story or make a wonderful video where nothing much happens — just capture a moment of happiness!


Watch this video for some fun tips about sound, lighting, and how to set up your camera.  Remember, if you are using a phone, use it in horizontal or landscape mode!

Download our Video FAQ sheet (below) with tips and information on how to send your video in for the Fox & Owl Tiny Film & Photo Festival.

Send your video to: via email or using a transfer service such as WeTransfer (free and no registration necessary).

DEADLINE: August 31, 2020


The first step of this project is to ask a grown-up to help you download the art, print it on your computer, and then cut out your Fox and Owl puppets.

You can also make additional characters from your own imagination if you want, or use toys or other objects.