Send in your photos, photos of artwork, and short videos for our Fox & Owl Tiny Film & Photo Festival in September!  We will put everyone’s artwork, photos and video together into one fantastic evening of entertainment that we can all watch together!  Bring your own popcorn, settle into your couch, and join your neighbors!  We’ll stream live on YouTube and Facebook; details to come.



Send an email to: or use WeTransfer (it’s free and easy, no registration required).  and they will become a part of the FOX & OWL TINY FILM & PHOTO FESTIVAL later this Fall.


ARTWORK: Please submit no more than 8 photos per person of your artwork – this can be paintings, drawings, sculpture, or collage!
PHOTOS:  Please submit no more than 8 photos per person of Fox and Owl in action – outside, in your home, on a trip, or in a tiny theater!
VIDEO: Please submit no more than 2 videos per person, no longer than a minute or two.
DO NOT USE COPYRIGHTED MUSIC.  We cannot show videos if they have music under copyright.  You have to find music that is in the public domain or make up your own music and sound effects.
Include your name (as you would like it to appear in our credits) and, if you like, a title.
If you are a student, include your school name.


Send your contributions as soon as they are ready, but no later than September 30, 2020.  THANK YOU!