Arlington Heights Haiku Archive

Welcome to the archive of Heights Haiku!

In 2021, the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture partnered with Arlington Heights businesses to inspire the community to create haiku based on the unique streets, shops, and the neighborly vibe found in Arlington Heights. Residents of all ages wrote thoughtful haiku, and organizers assembled a rockstar group of painters, artists, and volunteers to adorn 50 windows in the Heights! You can read more about all the organizers, volunteers, painters, businesses, and poets who made this Mass Cultural Council project possible here.


“asphalt sidewalks shine.
rain repelled by glossy oil.
tar scent: guilt pleasure.”
— Adriana Grant
“cheese is flown
pate is ocean-going
le croissant shatters”
— Adriana Grant
“lacquer slick rib stick
carmelized molasses
fermented cole slaw”
— Adriana Grant
“Roads riddled with cracks,
Metal and tire crushing potholes.
Why aren’t the roads fixed?”
— Alex Gardinier, 18
“Constant bad drivers
Get on my nerves, light is green!
Why are you braking?!”
— Alex Gardinier, 18
“power your home sun and wind
protect mother earth
keep fossil fuels in the ground”
— Amy Slutzky
“power up your home sun and wind
Opt Up Arlington
keep fossil fuels in the ground”
— Amy Slutzky
“Peeper’s pond frogs croak
below wild birds chattering
silence of swans”
— Ann Sullivan
Location: Szechuan Dumpling
“Great meadows stonewalls
garbed in gray and green lichen
aged centurions”
— Ann Sullivan
“Summer vacancy
an air conditioned room
in the bee motel”
— Ann Sullivan
“Mill Brook
beauty in the water’s sound
power for the Mill”
— Ann LeRoyer
“piles of wood
cherry, maple, black walnut
ready to be framed”
— Ann LeRoyer
“Mill Brook flows
mill pond now a park
the old mill persists”
— Ann LeRoyer
“turning, spining lathe
an oval frame takes shape
Dad’s portrait smiles”
— Ann LeRoyer
Location: Classic Kitchen and Bath
“Flags waving in the wind,
Trees spreading the smell
Of rain falling.”
— Anneleen Van Herck, 10
Location: Kumon Math & Reading Center
“Neighbors waving hello,
Wish sunshine smiles, and eager eyes
Birds start to sing.”
— Anneleen Van Herck, 10
“Trees swaying
Birds welcoming the new day,
As they perform.”
— Anneleen Van Herck, 10


“John’s Gulf, Paul’s Citgo;
Father – into his nineties –
worked alongside son.”
— Betty Trembly
“For sale all year long
Brigham’s peppermint ice cream
Nursing home friend’s treat”
— Betty Trembly
“First gear up Park Ave
Truck backs into bike lane – brake!
Momentum blocked.”
— Betty Trembly
“mute swans…
The spring sings
with wind”
— Brad Bennett
Location: Cookie Time
“two trails meet…
A chickadeee…
And a toddler”
— Brad Bennett
Location: Hairsay II
“reservoir loop
strangers greet each other
— Brad Bennett


“Mix bellwort and ferns.
Sprinkle bird songs and bee’s buzz.
A woodland salad.”
— Carla Gates
Location: Thai E-Sarn Cuisine
“I walk in footsteps,
of those who cried “”liberty!””
Now, the woods are still.”
— Carla Gates
“My dog runs ahead.
In the pond, peepers call out:
‘Wake up, It’s Springtime!'”
— Carla Gates
“Turbines! Pulleys! Lathes!
Working artfully in synch,
This is industry!”
— Carla Gates
“Preservation works.
One hundred thirty four years.
And we are still here.”
— Carla Gates
“Sawdust on the floor.
Notes of bark, moss and wood oils.
A warm, earhy scent.”
— Carla Gates
“Miss you, Balich Five and Dime
Memories of
A more innocent time”
— Cecelia Kelly
“Even when uninvited
brightly bloom”
— Claire Odum
Location: J&L Hair
“Freshly hung laundry
waving with bird droppings
sun smiling – I scowl”
— Claire Odum
“Together – white birches
stand tall among dark forests
why can’t we?”
— Claire Odum
“Her unmasked beauty
still held icy betrayal
of love’s lost winter”
— Constance Short, 91
Location: Roasted Granola


“Purple twilight sky,
Ducks, geese, and swans slowly drift,
Reservoir sunset.”
— Deb Wachenheim
Location: Utopia Cleaners
A Full Day of Meals in Arlington Heights
“French toast, granola
Pizza, noodles, gyro, sub
Dumplings, cookies…FULL!”
— Deb Wachenheim


“Homes of gray, blue, white
Kids biking past, hair flying
Grass shining with dew”
— Elena Grayson, 11
“We smile through our masks
Laughter shining in our eyes
Joyful and happy”
— Elena Grayson, 11
“No homes scrape the sky
No smog, no litter, no grime
Small. Quiet. Beautiful.”
— Elena Grayson, 11
“Weeping cherries bloom
reaching for a brighter spring.
Slowly, we try, too.”
— Ellen Vliet Cohen
Location: Maruichi Japanese Food & Deli
“Nothing is sweeter
than a custard stand just up
the street from cookies!”
— Ellen Vliet Cohen
“Tiny pink-clad girl
places crocus at my feet –
Skyline Park’s joy gift”
— Ellen Vliet Cohen
“Rushing brook
Old water wheel turns
Wood frames in waiting”
— Ellen Cohen
“Saw dust flying
Safety glasses on
Dad’s apron rocking the cradle”
— Ellen Cohen
“Wavy glass windows
Invisible wood scent
Welcome to 1864”
— Ellen Cohen
“Framing the past and present
Lathes whirling
Family portraits for the future”
— Ellen Cohen
“Form and focus
Perfect ovals
Wood grain delight”
— Ellen Cohen
“Cross streets crisscross here
Companioning each other
Winding paths unfold”
— Rev. Erica Richmond
“old buildings, green ivy
our words weave between traffic
cacophoney feels good”
— Rev. Erica Richmond
“Crimson cardinals drag
race mustangs; sparrows play
chicken with covettes.”
— E Maurice
“Trees dance with the wind
Birds scat like Nina Simone
Breakfast for the soul.”
— E Maurice
“lilacs breathe sweetness
into prana: life force; the air
is alive. Inhale peace.”
— E Maurice
“What’s needed at this
very moment appears.
A robin gobbles worms.”
— E Maurice
“Lilacs’ perfumed breath:
edible deliciousness.
Petals swim in honey.”
— E Maurice
“Prana is life force.
The air is alive;
therefore, we live.”
— E Maurice


“locals gather in
take a number and line up
best sandwich around”
— Gabby Messuri, 18
“Mill Brook bubbles on
A stray duck finds home again
Ducklings soon appear.”
— Gail Goodearl
“New housing appears
Happy people get new homes
Moving in at last.”
— Gail Goodearl
“Granola bowl crunch,
sun glins lifted spoon
my friend’s here; spoon for her?”
— Gayle Roby
Location: Roasted Granola
“Trees leafing out,
chartreuse, emerald,
we sit in the Green Room.”
— Gayle Roby
“Forget-me-not blooms
in this rocky dirt:
your blue eyes”
— Gayle Roby
“chirp, buzz, twitter, croak
pitter pat on rustling leaves
springtime symphony”
— Gene Diaz
“we help those in need
with care, strength, and compassion
we are all neighbors”
— Gene Diaz
“ice candles light long night
flicker hope for warmth to come
our hearts grieving together”
— Gene Diaz

G (continued)

“Noodle craving strikes
Dreams of chewy dough entrance
Home Taste hits the spot”
— George Michael Hakim
“Wandering people
Dwelling in deserts of masks
Come oasis, come!”
— Ginger Webb
“Granite hills climb up
No strangers dwell on mountaintops
When Heights are proud”
— Ginger Webb

“Full moon your glory
Ruins sky, pierces darkness
Night kneels at your feet”
— Ginger Webb
(For the Vacuum Store)
“sowing garden seeds –
three squirrels at dawn
hoover them all up.”
— Grace Solomonoff
Location: Oreck Vacuum
Teeth (for Dr voscherichian dentistry)
“backbone of kisses
bright hint of inner strength
lovely laughter”
— Grace Solomonoff
“old clock on high pole
casting beneath our feet
a sundial shadow”
— Grace Solomonoff
“building humanity:
using a tool, I know
others made that tool”
— Grace Solomonoff


“syllables centered,
offense aligned: ‘Seventeen!
Ten! Seven! – haiku!'”
— Hal Ober
“Fall mornings I’d be
sitting at Dough-C-Dough-Nuts,
munching pumpkin, warm.”
— Hal Ober
“Skunk odor
runs across my path
strangely satisfying smell”
— Harvey Fenigsohn
“Mystic River rushes by
Ducks and seagulls dive for fish
Alewife run – it’s Spring”
— Hillyer Thayer
Location: Heights Barber Shop
“Birds and geese make nests.
Fluffy balls crack open eggs
Swans swim off: it’s June.”
— Hillyer Thayer


“walking with my dog
up and down Mass Avenue
on a lovely day”
— Irena Stanic Rasin


“Quick, shy chickadees
Like little feathered giggles
Flirts, plays hard to get”
— Janet Smith
“Red feathers, blue streaks
Yellow, black, brown, red, gray beaks
Bird feeder’s working”
— Janet Smith
“Squirrel found the feeder
Big fluffy, gorging on seeds
Cats have a new game”
— Janet Smith
“outdoor cafe
sharing this muffin
with a sparrow”
— Jeannie Martin
Location: Roasted Granola
“waiting for the bus
just me
and this cricket”
— Jeannie Martin
Location: Cookie Time
“hardware store
of my grandfather”
— Jeannie Martin
“Cookie Time? Sublime.
Thai food, dumplings…the Heights rock.
But we need a pub!!!”
— Jennifer Davis-Kay
“Home office
Someone’s cooking dinner
Not for me”
— Jessica Lucci
“Darting little birds
Cast rippled diamond shadows
Where’s my reflection”
— Jessica Lucci
“Removing my mask
Alone in a feathered crowd
Nature breathes freedom”
— Jessica Lucci
“Bright bedroom laptop
Connected disconnected
Twitching and Zooming”
— Jessica Lucci
“under his wide
sunhat, the baby wears a pink
ice-cream mustache”
— Jessie Brown
“Sale: nets, bolts, rakes
extension cords – what tool
mends loneliness?”
— Jessie Brown
“The stoplight turns red.
All traffic grinds to a halt.
Mill Brook bubbles on…”
— Joe Curro
“Arlington Heights now
Destination spot for you
Shops, restaurants, fun!”
— John Ross
“Walking the bike path
With closed eyes listening for
The train horn blowing”
— Jonathan Cole
“I have been told that
Families used to slide down
Park Ave in winter”
— Jonathan Cole
“Locke School taught Heights kids
Before Dallin or Pierce ut
now comfy condos”
— Jonathan Cole
“I rode the trolleys
Up Mass Ave to A&P
Which is now Walgreens”
— Jonathan Cole
“At Foot of the Rocks
Colonials hit the Brits
On April 19”
— Jonathan Cole
Locate at any restaurant
“there is a story
that George Washington ate here
but it is not true”
— Jonathan Cole
Locate at Water Tower
“It is not true that
beer was stored in here during
The Prohibition”
— Jonathan Cole
Locate at any fitness club
“Godzilla trained here
for many battles against
other fierce monsters”
— Jonathan Cole
“Hawthorne Avenue
may be haunted but the ghost
is not Nathaniel”
— Jonathan Cole
“Unfortunate Smith
his street was amputated
don’t know about him”
— Jonathan Cole
Young Minds
“Wild river rapids,
churning, roaring, free
Till silenced.
Till damned.”
— Julia Huestis


“Dandelions bloom;
I step lightly through a sea
Of rebel sunshine”
— Kate Barvick
Location: My Eye Dr.
“Heads up, dog coming
Grazing geese splashdown
Safe on Hill’s Pond”
— Kathleen Fink
Location: My Eye Dr.
“Taped to the arm of
A Menotomy Rocks’ bench,
Mother’s Day balloon”
— Kathleen Fink
“Warm fall evening
Water tower lantern lit
People drawn like flies”
— Kathleen Fink
“Pine branches hold me
Feet away a hawk swoops – lands
Tail as red as sunset”
— Katie Tardiff
Location: Szechuan Dumpling
“Rescue dog hunting
Bunnies bound beneath bushes
Drats! Foiled again.”
— Katie Tardiff
“Cattails sway with weight
Cry pierces silent sunset
Red wings on black bird.”
— Katie Tardiff
“A man feeds the ducks
in the brook behind the lot
Beauty everywhere”
— Kelly O’Callaghan


Wanamaker Hardware
“Wannamaker bound!
Winter, my brand new shovel!
Better mousetrap, too?”
— LennyD
Location: Cambridge Savings Bank
Szechuan Dumpling
“Dumplings stuffed so good!
Mimi’s authentic Szechuan
Spring rolls: my first choice”
— LennyD
Gold’s Gym
“Muscles, sweat, deep breath!
Fall deep sleep, rejuvenate!
Outrun senescence!”
— LennyD
Penzey Spices
Smells, tastes, summer symphony
Spice up your life! Eat!”
— LennyD
“Hey, ACMI!
My ideas endlessly Spring!
TV locally!”
— LennyD
Wannamaker Hardware
“I Wanamaker
All tools ignite my passions
What will I create?”
— LennyD
“Bountiful red tulips sprouting
in the garden.
Rabbits eating well.”
— Linda Braun
Location: Wannamaker Hardware
“Cookie Time, Cookie Time
How do I choose my fave?
I’ll take them all, please.”
— Linda Braun
“Picture frames, hockey sticks,
gyros full of sprouts. Found!
In Arlington Heights.”
— Linda Braun
“I unswaddle my sub
cubes of pickles fall
like gratitude”
— Lisa Moncevicz
Location: D’Agostino’s Deli
“red white and blue shortbread
wrapped in wax paper
lost year”
— Lisa Moncevicz
“She wrangles a herd
of red shopping carts,
can chaos be contained?”
— Lisa Moncevicz
Labyrinth (Bethany House)
“Rock-lined grassy path
beckons – come in, walk around
become a still pool”
— Lise Hildebrandt

L (continued)

“Waiting for walkers
At the intersection,
Impatient sigh. Then, smile.”
— Liz Fischelis
“Restaurants and shops galore
So much to explore
That’s Arlington Heights!”
— Louise Cavanagh, 9
floor boards creak
the weight of history”
— Lourie August
Location: Classic Kitchen & Bath
“V is for Vulture
riding the airways
Arlington Heights”
— Lourie August
“haiku novitiate
searching for inspiration
Poet’s Corner”
— Lourie August
“rough hewn hands
work the wood
perfect finger joints”
— Lourie August
“seasoned wood and glue
the smell
of a craft gone by”
— Lourie August


“Knit the colored yarn
Hands connected to my heart
a gift from my depths”
— Marina Strauss
“What’s handmade for you
receive it with gratefulness
heart to hands to hands.”
— Marina Strauss
“I could craft all day
lost in time, my hands dancing
the rhythm of peace”
— Marina Strauss
Location: Christian Science Reading Roof
“Winter birds feeding
jostle for seeds and suet;
flutter, fly away.”
— Marion Kilson
“In the Heights dogs lead
the way–stop to sniff and wag
finding friends to play. ”
— Marion Kilson
“My husband watched
children walking to their school,
bringing teacher joy.”
— Marion Kilson
“The path never stops
Treads eternally spinning
Where is the ending?”
— Martin Celo, 18
“Pergola clothed in
Cascading wisteria
The allure of spring”
— Mary Morgan
“Butterflies soar on
Gossamer wings heralding
— Mary Morgan
“I don’t recall pink
flowers on that tree before
Spring stuns in 21”
— Mary Rowen
Location: Star Nails
“the smell of cut grass
on a steamy June evening
a brief return home”
— Mary Rowen
“mourning dove’s sad coo
returned me to childhood
just long enough”
— Mary Rowen
“riding my bike
where the trains once ran
a brood of turkeys eats lunch”
— Matt Perry
“a springtime stroll
the repeated call of
‘on your left'”
— Matt Perry
Lost Spring
“Spring Street and Spring House.
Spring long fouled and culverted.
House sells insurance.”
— Michael Ratner


“COVID-19 stunk
lost my dog in a pot-hole
but Spring blooms anew”
— Natasha Piechota
“Light pinks the evening
August sky. A swollen cloud,
a single purr – All.”
— Nick Castellano
“I open the door
and take a breath of Outside –
– Possibility.”
— Nick Castellano
Location: Roasted Granola
“A Loose Leaf hangs light
Upon a branch – wise bough.
Yellow falls, Green lies.”
— Nick Castellano
“Rabbits frolicking
through the neighborhood – please leave
my garden alone”
— Nina Katofsky, 18
“People lining up
at Abbott’s Frozen Custard –
A refreshing treat.”
— Nina Katofsky, 18
“The busy bike path
is buzzing with bicycles
on a warm spring day.”
— Nina Katofsky, 18


domesticated insects
welcome to the bee hotel”
— Patricia DiFranco
“frog gulps
tennis ball thumps
summer chorus”
— Patricia DiFranco
“ancient echoes
circle of stonees
ghost children”
— Patricia DiFranco


“Sunset Sky
Autumn mist
That cloud is a crocodile”
— Ray Anne Powhida
Location: Kumon Math & Reading Center
“On the top of Fuji Mountain
I grab a paintbrush
Color the mountain with white snow”
— Ray Anne Powhida
“A mouse crawls
A cat jumps and spots it
The mouse scurries away”
— Ray Anne Powhida


“The friends made at home
Are the ones that stick with us
Through all adventures.”
— Sabrina Liberatore
“Little-Leaguers’ Lunch:
meatball baseballs rocketed
into gluten gloves”
— Savannah Curro
“The Red Sox are here
They hope to win the title
And show off again!”
— Scott Ross
“Five roads four stop signs
This is an intersection?
My car won’t survive”
— Sean H., 18
“Glittering skyline
Emerges in the distance
At my feet, some grass”
— Sean H., 18
Location: Yassou’s
“Buzzing past walkers
Gnats stick to my sweaty neck
The night is heavy”
— Sean H., 18
“In a wooded park
A cat stalks prey in the brush
An old memory”
— Stephen Poltorzycki
Location: Thai E-Sarn Restaurant
“A busy street
Cars stop at the corner
A sparrow takes wing”
— Stephen Poltorzycki
“An ice cream counter
Now serves eyeglasses
Next to the big clock”
— Stephen Poltorzycki
“Take a number. Sun
on the cold-cut slicer, whirling.
Clutching my paper slip.”
— Steven Ratiner
Location: D’Agostino’s Deli
“Bikepath chaos reigns
smiling mouths look weird and strange
Racers pass Whiz Bang!”
— Sue Sheffler
Location: Sports Etc.
Hello Arlington Neighbors
“I love your faces
Excuse my sweatpanted rear
Focus on my smile”
— Sue Sheffler
“Full frontal faces
No empty parking spaces
Rose-scented June Moon”
— Sue Sheffler
“Droplet flung on high
From Spy Pond’s opening eye
Menotomy Pond”
— Susan Bush, 87
The Point
“George Floyd, Breonna
Taylor…Too many names to say.
Say them anyway.”
— Susan Lloyd McGarry
Horizons Hair Salon, Arlington Heights
“Fifteen years unshorn,
I tremble. Loretta calms,
consults, deftly cuts.”
— Susan Lloyd McGarry
“Crickets sing at night
I’m here where are you let’s dance!
We smile in our sleep”
— Suzanne McLeod
Location: Horizons Hair Salon
“Darwin later said
‘survival of the kindest’
Our hearts know the way”
— Suzanne McLeod
“Your red front porch bench
Matches the geraniums
Color welcomes me”
— Suzanne McLeod
“I’m stopping to smell
Your lilacs and your roses
Thank you for sharing”
— Suzanne McLeod
“Man from Nantucket
Here in search of a bucket
Let’s leave it at that”
— Suzanne McLeod


“Money counting
fabric numbers are crisp
scent of the new Andrew Jacksons”
— Vivi Amarantidis
Location: Cambridge Savings Bank
“The Hair Says,
Color me Donny
Denise rolls the dyson.”
— Vivi Amarantidis


Encounter at Menotomy Field
“The Red Fox freezes
The hoarfrosted field becksons
My spaniel on point.”
— William Bolton
By Any Other Name
“Lakota Bakery
A name change to Cookie Time
Sweet, as is the Rose.”
— William Bolton
Pre Covid Idyll
“At the Heights Starbucks
In line, eyes lock then avert
Perhaps tomorrow.”
— William Bolton

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