We are a community of artists of all disciplines.  We aim to provide mutual support, share information, and present a collective voice for the arts in Arlington, MA. To find out more, contact co-organizers Lidia Kenig-Scher and Kimberly Harding at or visit us on Facebook.

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month, from noon to 2:30 in even months and from 6:30 to 9:00 in odd months. We meet in member’s homes & at local art venues, begin with 30 min. for networking around a bagged meal, then have a presentation or a show and tell, and a business meeting.

Our goals are to:

1.      Provide a social connection for artists who live, work or practice in Arlington through monthly meetings and other events.

2.      Enhance the artistic and cultural identity of Arlington through exhibits, performances, and participation in community events.

3.      Collaborate with municipal agencies, businesses, schools, libraries, and youth organizations to expand opportunities for artists in Arlington to meet the needs of the community.

4.      Seek professional development opportunities for artists to support their economic viability and expertise in business practices.

5.      Reach out to create collaborative works across different disciplines.

6.      Support the establishment of a space dedicated to artists’ needs, including exhibitions, rehearsals, performances, visual arts practice and meetings.

7.      Advocate for public funding for the arts.

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Artist of the month: Lidia Kenig-Scher, founder and co-organizer of ArtLinks Arlington

What’s your story? Tell me a little bit about you.

My love of art started at a young age. I was about 10 years old when my teachers noticed that I had artistic talent. They said I was well beyond my years when it came to what I was producing.

Shortly thereafter, I submitted an application and was admitted to a prestigious art school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I’m originally from, and while my mom was supportive, my dad was a bit hesitant, and was concerned that I was too young and that I would have a hard time ahead of me when it came to creating a life for myself and making money while pursuing art. But that didn’t stop me!

When I was 16, I became an elementary and secondary art teacher and at 19, I received the credentials to teach in higher education. I was a young sculptor and my works were shown in museums and well-respected venues throughout Buenos Aires.

A year after I finished my advanced degree, I emigrated to the United States with my family.


What obstacles have you faced along the way?

My father’s hesitation about me pursuing art as a career throughout my schooling formed some pretty big emotional blocks for me to overcome, and in turn, it was hard for me to blossom as an artist for quite some time.

Additionally, the move to the U.S. was tough. I not only had to learn a new language and adapt to living in a rural setting, but I needed to earn an income to help support my family. I soon found out that creating and selling my art would not be a good source of financial gain – at least not at that time.

Over the years, there were numerous times that I felt things in my life pushed me backwards rather than forward when it came to pursuing my art, but every time there was a setback, it actually ended up being a gift. Most of the time that realization didn’t come until many years later, but I was always able to find light in some of the more negative things that happened throughout my life.

The most profound change came when a colleague introduced me to the art and science of Feng Shui. She saw Feng Shui influences in the way I was running my interior design business at the time. Come to find out, I had been unknowingly practicing Feng Shui throughout my life and continue to in the present.

Now tell me about your business.

Once I fully incorporated Feng Shui into my practice, I started to receive glowing client testimonials about how the interiors I designed had positively affect their lives, careers and interpersonal relationships. But it wasn’t until I began to add my original artworks to the interiors, that my clients seemed to be the most affected. My art first addresses energetic imbalances, and then enhances the flow of energy in homes and businesses.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed how art has the power to indirectly affect the living and working environment where it is installed and when specific intentions are added, art’s power grows exponentially. It makes sense, as like anything else – color, texture, shapes and lines –  it’s all energy in constant motion. It actually speaks loudly, if we care to listen!

For example, it wasn’t until my art filled the space of nearly-empty commercial building located in a desolate business park that it became fully rented by the time the exhibit was over. The gallery owner told me that prior to agreeing to allow me to exhibit, he had planned to sell the business due to having a hard time renting the space, given the economic downturn. Uncannily, during the eight-week run that my exhibit was up, the owner ended up finding a buyer, happily accepted the offer and took a job in another state!

In another situation, a client who couldn’t afford to decorate her budding healing practice rented two of my artworks to adorn the space. She credited their powerful message of love with her extraordinary business growth. After two years, she was able to move into a larger venue and ended up buying what she called her “two lucky charms”.

What do you offer?

Lidia Scher Art offers space planning consultations, always using Feng Shui guided-design, transformational art, and sacred intuitive art I call “Door Protectors”. These are custom-created works conceived by divinely channeled imagery that include the ancient Tibetan Buddhist Wish Granting Jewel Mantra, plus crystals and personalized symbols intended to guide, support and empower those who commission the art.

The anecdotal information received from those who own Door Protectors is nothing short of astonishing! It includes finding new and better sources of income, decisive shifts in relationships, such as divorces, marriages and finding the right mate, successfully moving to a better place physically, spiritually and emotionally, and in the business arena, better and higher income flow, finding and retaining quality staff and a more harmonious climate for commerce.

In the spirit of making room for a better life lived, I also teach people, generally women age 45+, to find their authentic voices and feel empowered by painting from the heart. I guide them to use, like me, meditation to summon self-love and utter compassion to uncover their divine natures and paint the masterpieces that only they can create. I teach semi-private and public classes and offer highly-rated weekend retreats.

Over the course of my life, I was able to successfully blend my experience to come up with products, practices and outcomes that empower not only me, but also others to live happily and joyfully.

What’s the future of Lidia Scher Art? Where to next?

Lidia Scher Art will continue to offer transformational art created from the heart that invites beauty, harmony and healing through public exhibitions, pop-up venues and private commissions.

In light of difficult social, political and climatic shifts, I intend to create as many Door Protectors as possible, and to install them not only here in the U.S., but all over the world. The same holds true for my artworks. Their divine message of love, hope, joy and empowerment should be in as many homes and businesses as possible to empower people to be truthful and authentic.

Expanding the reach of my retreats to other parts of the U.S. and abroad constitutes another arm of inspiring people to lead fulfilled lives. You can stay up-to-date on all the happenings at Lidia Scher Art by visiting

What do You Do in Arlington, MA?

I am the co-founder of ArtLinks Arlington, the first network organization created to serve the needs of Arlington Artists and I was elected to be the voice of Arlington’s artists as a Core member of ACAC.