Artlinks Arlington-Networking for Artists

We are a community of artists of all disciplines.  We aim to provide mutual support, share information, and present a collective voice for the arts in Arlington, MA. To find out more, contact co-organizers Lidia Kenig-Scher and Kimberly Harding at or visit us on Facebook.

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month, from noon to 2:30 in even months and from 6:30 to 9:00 in odd months. We meet in member’s homes & at local art venues, begin with 30 min. for networking around a bagged meal, then have a presentation or a show and tell, and a business meeting.

Our goals are to:

1.      Provide a social connection for artists who live, work or practice in Arlington through monthly meetings and other events.

2.      Enhance the artistic and cultural identity of Arlington through exhibits, performances, and participation in community events.

3.      Collaborate with municipal agencies, businesses, schools, libraries, and youth organizations to expand opportunities for artists in Arlington to meet the needs of the community.

4.      Seek professional development opportunities for artists to support their economic viability and expertise in business practices.

5.      Reach out to create collaborative works across different disciplines.

6.      Support the establishment of a space dedicated to artists’ needs, including exhibitions, rehearsals, performances, visual arts practice and meetings.

7.      Advocate for public funding for the arts.

> Featured Artist

Featured artist: Jessie Brown, poet
Visit Jessie’s website

As a poet, I write, I perform, I teach, and I collaborate. For me this opens the door to all kinds of connections. The words we write on paper come alive when we share them.

How? Although my chapbooks, Lucky and What We Don’t Know We Know, are available online, and my poems appear regularly in journals, that’s only the beginning. I love leading classes in schools and community settings, something I’ve done all over the Boston area. I also hold independent workshops for adults, groups that meet for multiple sessions and end up forming supportive communities.

In addition, I give readings both in collaboration and alone. These take place in libraries, coffeehouses, churches and town halls, both with colleagues (I’m a founding member of the Alewife Poets) or solo. I also encourage my students to perform.

I find poetry brings people together, whether through arts projects in Boston or festivals beyond. Just in Arlington I’ve enjoyed working with the Bikeway Haiku project recently, Plugged in @ the Robbins, the Arlington Center for the Arts, and Porchfest.

Other artists always inspire me. I’m lucky to have had some of my poems set to music, and to work with visual artists as well (for example, Adria Arch and I have created several installations together). But all arts draw from the same well.

So what’s next? Interdisciplinary projects like collage, poetry and sculpture, and storefront displays in windows hold special appeal. I’m also developing an after-school program, and a series for assisted-living facilities. Do you know a group that would enjoy a workshop, a performance, a new take on public art? Write me at the website, above, or I’m eager to learn more!