Arlington Heights Window Paintings Celebrate Spring

More than 50 paintings in storefront windows celebrate spring, sustainability and community! Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington Heights came alive on Saturday, May 7, as people of all ages created paintings in storefront windows. The themes were native plants, pollinators, sustainability, eco-diversity and, of course, community!

There was a lot of laughter and swapping of supplies with neighbors as painters worked, sharing the beauty of nature and, sometimes, messages about how to protect our environment. Be sure to take a tour around Arlington Heights and appreciate these artistic creations, up through the end of June.

Thanks to all the painters and businesses that participated in this season’s window painting, and also a huge thanks to super volunteer Janet O’Riordan, who made it all possible. You can read more about the project and a few of its many artists in this article by one of our neighbors here in Arlington, Carla Deford.