New Art Installations for Town Parklets

ACAC and the Department of Planning and Community Development are collaborating to bring colorful cut-vinyl artwork to the protective orange barriers that surround some of the Town's new parklets – designed to offer outdoor seating for take-out meals and informal gatherings.  The first installation was designed by Adria Arch for the parklet in front of the Roasted Granola Cafe in Arlington Heights.

In June, students from the Ottoson School Art Club worked with art teacher Polly Ford afterschool to create an ambitious public art installation on Broadway Plaza. Their designs featured giant silhouettes of neighborhood animals: rabbits, fox, turkeys, squirrels and songbirds, cut out from a flexible plastic and mounted on wooden frames.  Members of one of Arlington's Girl Scout Troops (bottom, right) contributed colorful butterflies, bees, beetles, ladybugs, and dragonflies to the parklet in front of Clay Dreams; these insects call attention to the need to protect local pollinators from pesticides.

Finally, Arlington-based artist Tonya Grifkin (bottom, left) is in the process of installing a large dragon in the Medford Street parklet. Grifkin is celebrating diversity with her fantastical creatures, which combine influences from varied traditions: "Dragons are where the whimsical, the wonderful and the diverse meet" she explained. "Many cultures have their own version, from the fiery treasure-hoarding dragons of Europe to the colorful spirit guides of South America, to the wise dragons of air and water in China."

Funding for this work was provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Town of Arlington, and local businesses who donated to ACAC’s Spruce Up, Arlington! campaign. Learn more about Spruce Up Arlington here!