Arlington Chamber Announces New ‘VisitArlingtonMA’ Website

The Arlington Chamber of Commerce has launched a multi-faceted marketing campaign that highlights Arlington’s unique features and promotes Arlington as a destination for arts, culture, and outdoor activities as well as shopping and dining.

In March, the Chamber was awarded a grant by the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism (MOTT) to create branding and visual identity, produce video and editorial content, and develop a new website,

The website is designed to strengthen established initiatives and programs in Arlington to promote commerce and the arts & culture sector and to be a significant driver in the economic recovery of Arlington’s businesses and nonprofits while positioning Arlington to enjoy future economic development through cultural tourism. “Our aim is to increase overall foot traffic in Arlington by recapturing and growing our local audience while also reaching new audiences who are doing less national and international travel, opting instead for more local, outdoor attractions that they can access by car, bus, or bicycle,” said Beth Locke, Executive Director of the Arlington Chamber. “We want to attract tourists who may also be visiting Boston, Cambridge, and Lexington/Concord, and encourage them to make a stop in Arlington to have lunch, take a self-guided tour, or view a public art installation.”

The website will be promoted with digital advertising and public relations. “We encourage all Arlington organizations and businesses, including individual artists, to add the new logo and a link to to their own websites,” said Locke. “This will help us build momentum and benefit everyone.” In addition, the Chamber will promote the website — and reasons to visit Arlington — in its upcoming Arlington Magazine & Community Guide, which will feature several articles on cultural institutions.