Free Zoom Haiku Workshops for Public Art Project Celebrating Arlington Heights

You are invited to write haiku – a short 3 line poem – celebrating the distinctive neighborhood of Arlington Heights.  You can write on your own, with friends or family, or during a free zoom workshop with Arlington poet/teacher Jessie Brown.  In these fun interactive workshops we discuss what makes a good haiku, how to choose your words strategically for maximum impact, and brainstorm what to write about.  Workshop dates are May 13, 16, 20 and 24.

Do you like to go for walks at the Reservoir, Great Meadows or Mount Gilboa?  Shop for supplies at Wannamakers or D’Agostinos? Enjoy treats from Cookie Time or Abbott’s Custard?  Hear the birds singing or kids playing in your own backyard?  Write a haiku inspired by what you see, hear, touch, or taste as you make your way around town.  Your poem may be selected to be painted in a storefront window!

Enjoy some haiku written by project organizers Cecily Miller and Jessie Brown to get you in the mood:

You’re invited…
Gather a small flock of words.
What’s your Heights Haiku?

Pen on paper?
Keyboard clatter?  Fast on your phone?
How do you haiku?

Neighborhood snapshot
Hammers, hairstyles, coffee, cake
What’s your Height Haiku?

Three lines, many stories—
Haiku unfold like leaves.
Each voice matters

Workshop registration, guidelines, haiku examples, and more information is here!