Appreciating Poetry in April

Arts Arlington celebrates the literary arts in a myriad of ways. Whether it’s our latest initiative helping the community write haiku to appreciate the open spaces of Arlington Heights through Haiku in the Heights, or beautifying our sidewalks in East Arlington and Downtown with Sidewalk Haiku, or sprucing up the Minuteman Bikeway with Bikeway Haiku — Arlington’s love affair with poetry is literally written large all over town!

Our community’s third Poet Laureate, Steven Ratiner, has had his hands full finding ways to engage the community through the written word. Yet he passed the test with flying colors, turning the bleak year-long-plus socially challenging year into an inward contemplation celebrating the art of poetry with his initiative, Red Letter Poems, which we’ve been sharing here and on Arts Arlington for over a year now. 

In so many ways, poetry and conversations about the written word have added to the cultural and artistic tableau that is Arlington. And we have big plans for the future! Get ready for upcoming Poetry Workshops, Artist Talks with poets like Charles Coe, an upcoming Open Mic Poetry Night hosted by Arlington Poet Laureate Steven Ratiner, and more! Find out more about opportunities to engage on our April Poetry Appreciation page.

Help us celebrate! Join a workshop or a conversation. Pen some of your own poetry and share it with us, or bring your poetic jewels to area businesses like Maxima in East Arlington, who have put out a call for artists to enliven their windows with poetry! Look for ways to celebrate poetry, this month and every month!