CircleSinging: A Playful Approach to Music

CircleSinging: Saturday, Oct. 5 at 10am, Portal Crystal Gallery (489 Mass Ave)

Sing a phrase, hum a few notes, snap, clap, stomp, and do a little dance. It’s all part of a novel approach to singing and building community that is grounded in improvisation and play. Developed and popularized by musicians such as Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon, CircleSinging groups abound all across the world.

Arlington has its own group, which started in June 2018, facilitated by Arlington musician Lynn Rosenbaum and sponsored by CircleSinging Boston. The drop-in group attracts singers of varying skill levels – from music school teachers to classical choir singers, to “shower-only” singers. There is no particular musical experience required, just the willingness to explore harmony and rhythm and have fun. The form lends itself to a variety of backgrounds since it’s easy to follow along, yet there are also opportunities for those who want more of a challenge to lead and create spontaneous songs.

The group is held in a beautiful room in Portal Crystal Gallery in Arlington Center once a month on a Saturday morning. People often stick around afterwards to go out for lunch and get to know each other. It’s a great way to express oneself in all sorts of ways while connecting with others in community. Find out more and join the fun!