Arlington Cultural District Wins Grant

For the second year in a row, The Arlington Cultural District (ACD) has won the maximum $5000 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to grow the ACD. Officially designated in September 2017, the ACD is a walkable stretch extending from East Arlington’s Capitol Square to the Civic Block in Arlington Center that is rich with creative businesses, cultural experiences, and historic sites.

The Arlington Cultural District’s Managing Partnership consists of representatives from businesses, cultural institutions, non-profits, and media organizations who work together to champion year-round creative arts and entertainment activities such as First Lights, Porchfest, Romancing the Square, Feast of the East, Arlington Town Day, Taste of Arlington and many more.

Following last year’s $5,000 MCC grant, which was devoted to designing and developing an ACD page on the website along with other marketing materials this year the ACD will use the grant to promote as the primary site for arts and cultural events in town, create a printed map and brochure of the ACD, and install ACD signage. With the remaining funds, the ACD Managing Partnership also looks forward to supporting additional cultural programming and public art within the district.

Andrea Nicolay, Director of Libraries, coordinator for the ACD, and ACAC commissioner, comments, “This is such an exciting time for Arlington now that arts and culture groups and creative businesses have come together under the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture as an organized body to help coordinate efforts, maximize resources and harness the amazing creative energy in this town.”