New Art Installation at Music Studios of Arlington

A spring inspired, three dimensional art work by artist Kaitlin Longmire has just been placed in the windows of the Music Studios of Arlington, located next to Helena’s on Mass Ave. near Arlington Center.

This is the fifth art installation in a series begun last March, and made possible by a grant from the Arlington Cultural Council. The Art in Windows program is supported by the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture and the Town of Arlington Department of Planning and Community Development. Artists were invited to propose designs for this space and were selected by a jury comprised of members of the Commission for Arts and Culture, the Planning Department, and the Arlington Cultural Council.

In Kaitlin’s words, “I chose to create a three-dimensional paper sculpture that would fill the vacant window with color and texture. Each leaf and petal were created individually, then assembled into larger flowers, arranged to create a vibrant, large scale work that could fill the window.”

Kaitlin grew up in Arlington and received her undergraduate degree in painting and her master’s degree in arts administration. She resides in Arlington with her partner and two children. Although mostly focused on painting, her children’s excitement for building has sparked a new interest in creating three-dimensional artwork. Last year, she and her son built a kinetic sculpture and raced it in the Cambridge Community People’s Sculpture Race, coming in third place.