Arlington Public Art is unveiling two new works for the annual PATHWAYS: Contemporary Art on the Bikeway.

Christopher Frost’s sculpture Colony is a playful miniature village perched on a monumental tree near Linwood Street. Colony’s invisible inhabitants are overlooking busy Spy Pond Park and the Bikeway. ExtraOrdinary Birds is a set of art cards with portraits by painter Resa Blatman and text by Ellen Reed. These lush images of neighborhood birds, together with tips on how to spot and support them, are designed to spark your interest in birdwatching and stewardship. Look for the Northern Cardinal and Black-capped Chickadee in boxes on the chain link fence bordering the Bikeway between Linwood Street and Swan Place. PATHWAYS was started to bring public art to one of Arlington’s busiest public areas and enliven the town’s newly designated Cultural District, which stretches from Capitol Square to the Center.